A brief bio on Larry Lowman, Sr., owner of ACT…

The one and only, Larry Lowman, Sr.

The one and only, Larry Lowman, Sr.

As a child, Larry’s parents instilled the virtues of good, honest work for which he could be proud and stand behind. As a young adult, Larry first worked in the steel industry as a machinist in the machine shop. This led to entering the U.S. Navy Seabees with the rank of SW2/E5, Second Class Petty Officer. After a military tour in Vietnam, Larry returned home and began working in the home building industry. Even with the ability to read blueprints and perform close tolerance work, Larry was only permitted to carry lumber for the first three months of his employment. After three months, Larry was allowed to participate in the skilled elements of the home building process and within six months he became a full partner. By one year, Larry owned the company. From the home building industry, Larry evolved back into metal working and ultimately to his present industry of concession trailer building and owner of ACT.  

Meet the Advanced Team

The Advanced Team

 What this means to you…Highest quality.  Top of the line.  Skilled craftsmanship.  By relating Larry’s history, you realize his belief system and work ethic are based on family raising, work history and life experience.  He rose through the ranks to become a skilled craftsman and business owner.  As a result, from Advanced Concession Trailers, you receive a product forged with integrity, honesty, pride and service.  You’ll find the quality and dedication from ACT are unmatched.

Taking customer service to the next level!   

Passing State Regulations and Code Requirements –

With the help of Advanced Concession Trailers, the chore of passing state inspections, health regulations and code requirements is now a little easier.  Simply inform ACT of your state and county and how you will be storing and preparing your food and we’ll take the lead.  Our sales staff will contact the county inspector personally to obtain the qualifications specific to your region and needs.  All engineering and design is expressly carried out to accommodate these specifications.  Whether you’re freezing, frying, baking, boiling, brewing or stewing, we’ve got you covered!  No worries, our staff will walk you through those tedious questions to determine the best solution for your new or existing business.